ACO Platform

Who we are?

Accredited Coin Offering (ACO) is a new framework for ICOs/STOs that reduces the risk for both token issuers and investors through accreditation, ensuring successful fundraising.

Why do we need ACO?

The current coin offering environment carries high risks for investors and issuers, which makes achieving success tougher, and also, investors and issuers have limited guidance to rely on. While challenges differ depending on the audience, both groups will benefit from the potential solution.

ACO quick facts

  • ​ACO is the only market accredited platform for fundraising.

  • Our services ensure a transparent secure environment.

  • Direct access to broad investor pool.

How we operate?

ACO's accreditation process incorporates institutional banking, insurance and investor pool. We have high bars to prevent scams and not-serious projects from getting funds. The insurance system is in place to shield investors in case of project failure. ACO Platform build a framework to make sure the process is transparent and trustworthy.

Our Process is easy


ACO eliminated all this by simplifying matters  through its accreditation process. This will  increasingly do time- saving, not costly and  encourage businesses to  participate.


Launching on ACO will require multiple  resources to be pulled  together. ACO covers the technology  challenges,  international  marketing, diverse social  media and communications and  crowd investors issues.

Investor pool

To stand out and at the same time, build its own  community from scratch  and compete for  investors attention. If we don’t do this well, many  investors will miss out on  good opportunities to participate.

The Simple Way to Start ACO

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