Our Services


  • We provide full accreditation service with major institutional banking and insurance companies

  • Reach a pool of investors that are keen to invest in accredited projects 

  • Streamline token minting and list on exchange house





Issuers need to submit an application period, whitepapers and other documentation that provides the information are necessary for institutions such as institutional banks, insurance andescrow account service providers depends onthe subject for a complete review.



Due Diligence ensures every project is examined by various sectors of the financial field, and, based on it, provide accurate rating. In those cases where the project gets high ratings, this would indicate less risk for the investor himself, which is ultimately a crucial aspect to bear in mind.



Examine whether the project is in compliance with laws, rules, policies, and procedures to procure its economic activities in accordance 
with national laws, regulations, policies, and internal control systems.



Issuer submits a project including detailed reference materials that prove the issuer’s ability to execute the project. Only with a high rating will a project be likely to reach its pledged target. All submitted documents will be reviewed and evaluated by accounting firms, insurance companies, banks and attorneys and ACO will release a rating report with rating scores. Finally, the ACO system will automatically generate a smart escrow contract, which includes project information, startup background and the rating for the project.



Ongoing monitoring and reporting as defined by mandate following the stringent ACO Screening processes. This process  ensures that the project has the highest level of Investment Protection through pre-operative monitoring of the fund deployed, which will enable us to mitigate certain associated risks.

Non-Performance Insurance

The funds will serve as exit plan for failed projects and buy back orphan tokens from the market. Ultimately this method will provide a stable market and more quality projects in the future. 


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