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Blockchain for digital identity

Biometrics and blockchain-based proof of identity give users mobility, security and control, and businesses new tools for verification and compliance.

Blockchain and biometrics

Helping clients map physical IDs to their digital IDs, enabling organizations to pursue new market opportunities that are part of a broader ecosystem

Permanent identity record

For those who lack official forms of ID the unique identity platform on blockchain leverages a biometrics system of fingerprints, iris scans and more.

Diploma counterfeit prevention

Prevent certificate counterfeiting by streamlining validation and automating identification and attestation process on blockchain through mobile apps.

Biometric payment innovation

Vendor independent prototypes leverage the unique identity service platform in the cloud for large populations and locally to support remote users.

Identity in every part of life

Identity proofing is required in almost every part of daily life from making payments to crossing borders. The process of identity verification touches almost every industry. Proof of identity is required even when applying for a proof of identity. So what happens if you can’t?


Digital Identity
Establishing identity is critical to accessing benefits. Blockchain provides crucial privacy features—and allays concerns about identity being abused.

Building a trusted identity on blockchain

As part of the ID2020 partnership, we have developed a unique digital identity prototype to modernize identity management for organizations and individuals. Leveraging the power of blockchain and biometrics, the system makes establishing, tracking and maintaining digital identities more efficient, user friendly, secure and less open to fraud.

The system makes life easier for organizations in that it is interoperable with other databases, so existing data remains in original locations. Attestations are immutable, providing trust for background checks.

Protecting against fraud

Identity fraud is growing, and cyber-attacks are now normal. Organizations and consumers need to know their data is safe.

Securing new models

Desire to build a more personalized relationship and offerings with the consumer but need to ensure the person is really who they claim they are.

Maintaining compliance

Regulations on data privacy are getting more stringent globally, making compliance difficult and expensive to manage.