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Blockchain Security

The appeal for Blockchain technology is undeniable.

But for blockchain to reach its full potential, it must meet—or exceed accepted security standards. Acoplatform has a solution

While blockchain technology has proved highly-tamper resistant, the vulnerabilities in blockchain applications have been exploited with some significant consequences. The ability to secure distributed ledgers, digital wallets and other applications is mission critical.


it’s now easier to integrate any blockchain system with the high security infrastructure that is already used to safeguard the digital keys that protect sensitive information and billions of dollars in assets.


Link any existing blockchain solution with existing HSMS


Shorten development time with a simple security interface


Apply consistent security standards across blockchain applications

But why is security an issue?

Here's why:

  • Protection moves from centralized to decentralized
  • An asset and its means of protection are combined into one token
  • Digital wallets have proven easy to exploit
  • Mlicious transfer of value can be instant and irreversible.

The Solution

Acoplatform has developed a solution that simplifies the integration of blockchain technology with the hardware security modules (HSMs) that are already broadly used by banks to safeguard and manage digital keys. These industrial-grade, crypto-processors securely generate, protect, and store keys in the HSM—not simply stored on a server or in the software—and are essentially impossible for unauthorized users to extract.