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Circular supply chain

Sustainably produced goods are in high demand. Circular Supply Chain connects consumers and producers in complex supply chains.

Strong end-to-end connections in the supply chain
While blockchain technology has proved highly-tamper resistant, the vulnerabilities in blockchain applications have been exploited with some significant consequences. The ability to secure distributed ledgers, digital wallets and other applications is mission critical.


Provides transparency to confidently share access to the same data and information.

Digital Identity

Leveraging biometrics, verify attestations of the producer’s identity.


Biometrically enabled payment mechanisms ensure the right person gets the funds.

Circular supply chain

How it works

Acoplatform has developed a solution that simplifies the integration of blockchain technology with the hardware security modules (HSMs) that are already broadly used by banks to safeguard and manage digital keys. These industrial-grade, crypto-processors securely generate, protect, and store keys in the HSM—not simply stored on a server or in the software—and are essentially impossible for unauthorized users to extract.