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Financial services infrastructure

Blockchain empowers businesses to reimagine how financial transactions are processed, from payments to post-trade processing.

Permissioned and permissionless systems

Blockchain is driving real transformation in the enterprise. Whether it be a corporation, government or charitable foundation there are distinct requirements for operational integrity and support, data segregation, governance and scalability. With these requirements, most blockchains are implemented as permissioned systems.

In a public or permissionless blockchain anyone can participate without a specific identity. Public blockchains typically involve a native cryptocurrency with consensus based on proof of work.

Transforming financial services

Treasury and interbank

Today, moving money requires complex messaging. In the future, digital currency could reduce exceptions and reconciliation.

Trade finance

Purchase order, bill of lading and letter of credit for a transaction is verified on blockchain leading to fewer errors and disputes.


Security, transparency and speed of distributed ledgers enable cheaper, faster and safer settlement in cross-border and mobile payments.